Sidney is one of the special places in that it always feels nice, even after a short visit. Somehow, it has a feeling of getting away, even though it is only a few minutes drive from home. Probably, it’s the combinations of it’s small size and the fact that every time we go there, we have no particular agenda.

It is picturesque, for sure, but even taking photos there feels relaxed and unfocussed (not in the sense of lacking optical sharpness, but without a purpose in mind). I guess, I have this idea on the back of my mind that while this town is very pretty, it is, essentially, or backyard, and so there will alway be another chance to photograph the same view. Still, these views are some of my favourites, and I don’t mind taking the same photos of them time after time.

“Pure energy”. A sculpture by Armando Barbon in Sidney, BC, Canada.